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Lee Dobinson (Manager)

Lee was born in April in Balham. He will not state his age or weight, saying he is a bit of a lump at the moment, but he is 6 feet tall. Nicknamed Dobo, his former club's are Sinatra's, Boogie Lounge, Chicago's and New York New York! His past and present heroes are Peter Osgood, Ron Harris and Joe Cole. (Guess who he supports!). Orlando is his best holiday place and he just loves Tilly's sandwiches. He doesn't drink as a rule (!!) but has the odd glass of wine! Battle of Britain is hist best film of all time while Only Fools and Horses is his best tv offering. The Greatest Hits of Dusty Springfield is the preferred album choice while I wont let the sun go down on me (don't get him started) and space cowboy (which as a superstition he must dance to when played) are his top singles. He feels that the whole team are comedians at times and he would share with anyone who got him home safely on tour. His message to Vale fans is:-
"Let us brace ourselves to our duties and so bear ourselves that if Raynes Park Vale last a thousand years, men will still say, this was their finest hour and never in any club was so much owed by so many to so few"!! Edit Text

Joel Rogers (Forward & Captain) Edit Picture

2005/6 stats Appearances 29 Goals 15 (2 pens) Cautions 2
Aged 26 and born in London, Joel has played for Colchester United, Sutton United, USL Dunkerque, Carshalton Athletic, Heybridge Swifts and Epsom & Ewell.  His past and present heroes are Maradona and Henry.  He supports Arsenal and his best holiday was in Barbados.
He loves Magners cider but states he eats little now. (Weighing 14 stones and 6 feet 1 inch tall, we find this surprising). Sexy Beast is his favourite movie and Revolver by The Beatles is his best album. The Riverboat Song by Ocean Colour Scene is his preferred single.  He says that nobody makes him laugh at the club and that he would never share a tour room with Ed Cornwell (who would?). Joel is a centre forward and organises the midweek coaching at the club.

  Edit Text

James Kay (Midfield) Edit Picture

Laurence Ennis (Defender) Edit Picture

Damian Dyer (Wing-Forward)) Edit Picture

Lee Cox (Defender) Edit Picture

Andrew Trefry (Utility) Edit Picture

Mark Townsend (Defender) Edit Picture

Danny Stevens (Defender) Edit Picture

Ed Cornwell (Goalkeeper)

"Eddo" was born in Colchester in 1976. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 15 stones. Vale is his first senior club where his current hero is Matt Grout. His favourite player is Joel Rogers (ex Colchester United) and, not surprisingly he supports Colchester United. Newquay is his favourite holiday place whilst Chinese food and Guinness are his favourite "downloads". The Godfather II is his best film but he says there are too many albums and singles to choose from. He is superstitious about fat girls (bless) and he cites Darren Dobinson as his favourite comedian at the club. He would share with Joe Loyza on tour and his message to Vale fans is....Tell him not to worry!! Edit Text

Gary Knowelden (Midfield) Edit Picture

Auvil Fyffe (Utility) Edit Picture

James Earp (NOW AT DORKING) Edit Picture

Darren Dobinson (Utility) Edit Picture

Anthony Vine (Utility) Edit Picture

David Towse (Utility) Edit Picture

Marco Torino (Forward) Edit Picture

"Tino" was born in Durban (SA) in 1979 and he is 1.8 metres high and weighs 81kgs!! (What's that in real money?). His previous clubs are Manning Rangers and Amazulu FC (SA). The divine pony-tail (Roberto Baggio) was his boyhood hero while Christiano Ronaldo is his current "god". He supports Manchester United. Miami is his favourite holiday place while Braai and Biltong are his favourite food (!). He drinks snakebite. Favourite films are Old School and Anchorman whilst he downloads lots of music from the internet (unless "Internet Downloads" is the name of some obscure band). World Hold On by Bob Sinclair is his favourite single. Eddo is the club comedian but he wouldn't share a room on tour with him. His message to Vale fans is "Come on down and make your voices heard. Nothing like a good crowd to play in front of". (And we have nothing like a good crowd eh?)! Edit Text

Marc Skinner (Utility) Edit Picture